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    Running Flow Simulation Error

    Jeff Bridges

      Hi, when I attempt to run my flow simulation I get the error:


      "It is possible to calculate internal task,when there are no sources defined, only when the "Heat conduction in solids" option is enabled."


      As this is a task for my school there would be no reason for me to have to deal with this issue (at least for this task) so I am kind of lost as to how to fix this.

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          Jared Conway

          can you elaborate on what type of analysis you're trying to perform and what settings you are you sing?


          i'm not sure what your second comment means exactly.


          if you're new to flow, i would recommend starting with a really simple model that has the same physics. single part, single body and then build up from there. that way you can also share the model when you get stuck.

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              Unspecified Unspecified

              Hi Jared,


              It looks like you are the resident expert here so I might as well ask you directly.


              I have been attempting to get my head around Flow Simulation for about a week and a half.  My problem is in the details of the model.  I have looked at hours of video of the awesome results you can get from Flow but the details for creating the models is usually glossed over.


              As described in your post above I have started with a simple model.  I have an aluminum heat sink with a 2 resistor component attached.  The simulation is set up as external with Air in the cavity around the heat sink assembly and gravity enabled.


              When I run the simulation I get 2 warnings as shown below:


              Unresolved volume source          Source name: Two-resistor Component 1


              Unresolved Contact Resistance     Condition name: Two-Resistor Component 1


              The results show no temperature changes so I assume this is due to the errors shown above.


              If you have time to help me out I would be glad to share the files.