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    Engineering Laptop

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      Hi Guys,


      I will be purchasing Solidworks soon but was wondering what is a good laptop to buy to support it. I am in Perth Wa. Please let me know your opinions and specs I should be going for.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Holliday

          Welcome to the Forum. I have been using Dell Precision Workstation laptops for 6 years and like them very much. You can get some good prices on refurbs thru the Dell Small business outlet website. Boxx has a good track record but are on the expensive side. There are some available thru HP, Lenovo and Microstation also.


          I would suggest checking the hardware recommendation portion on SWorks Customer Portal. You can enter the vendor/model and see if they meet the suggested minimum specs (graphic cards are important).


          If you can afford it I would not try to slide by with the most inexpensive unit you can find. Going for a mid/high end will give you better chances of it meeting specs for several years.

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            Dan Harlan

            We currently use ~6 DELL Precision M6600 mobile workstations that are about 2.5 years old and are very happy with them both as travel and desktop (with docking stations) workstations. Their configuration is:

            • Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit, SP1
            • Intel Core i7 2860-QM CPU@ 2.50GHz
            • 16GB RAM
            • NVIDIA Quadro 5010M graphics card


            Windows Experience Index numbers

            • Processor 7.6
            • RAM 7.8
            • Graphics 7.4
            • Gaming 7.4
            • Disk 5.9


            SolidWorks 2011 Benchmark

            • Disk 78.7
            • CPU 107.1
            • Graphics 30.7
            • Total 216.5


            OCUS Creo Elements Pro 5.0 Benchmark

            • Disk 215
            • CPU 1099
            • Graphics 1026
            • Total 2137


            (Note, all results from regular user mode with all corporate progams and configurations etc.)


            Recomendations for any laptop/computer for MCAD use;

            • Don't bother with more than 2 cores, MCAD programs really don't use more than 1
            • Get the fastest processor in GHz
            • Graphics must be NVIDIA
              • Usually I recommend 1 step down from top of the line
            • 12+ GB RAM


            Be aware that performance and stability are VERY dependent upon graphics driver version, latest is not always the best.