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Automatic removal of references applied with "Paste as reference"

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by Jeff Thomas

We are attaching a Quality document to the change order using "Paste as Reference". The quality document is the moved to as edit state when the "state" of the change order is changed. When the change order is approved it goes through a transition to the Approved State which applies a new revision to the Quality Document. The Quality Document is auto tranistioned to the Released State in the Quality Doc Workflow and the change order stays in the Approved State. The change order cant be closed out until training has been done on the updated document, so I want the change order to auto transition to the Trainging State. However the Quality Document is still pasted as a reference which prohibits the change. I can manually remove the reference but I want to do it automatically as it transitions to the new state. Has anyone ever done this?

Thanks for any ideas.


Jeff Thomas

Seanic Ocean Systems