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    Problem with FullyDefineSketch in Assembly

    roberto gennari

      I'm Roberto and I write from Italy, a tou will excuse me for my bed english.
      I really like programming macro for SolidWorks for my job, and I preform a macro for define sketch automatically.
      The firs part of the macro, works properly, becouse it' works in a part's sketch condition.
      The second part instead, works in a part's sketch condition, but in the assembly.
      The problem is in the line
      lStatus = swModel.swSketchManager.FullyDefineSketch(True, True, swSketchFullyDefineRelationType_e.swSketchFullyDefineRelationType_Vertical Or swSketchFullyDefineRelationType_e.swSketchFullyDefineRelationType_Horizontal, True, 1, Nothing, 1, Nothing, 1, 1)
      but I don't understand where is the mistake.
      The Solidworks crash, after.
      Could someone help me, please?