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Buckling Displacement in Validation File Makes No Sense

Question asked by Dennis Pietrantoni on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by Simon Yang

I was reviewing some of the validation files provided with solidworks 2010, in particular the Buckling_6.sldprt, which is off a 120" box beam loaded under various end conditions. For the pinned pinned case, I get the following max deflections at the following max loads.


load (lbf)     deflection (mm)

1                    372.6

500               16.6

1000              11.78


screen shots are attached.


THis makes no sense what so ever, as the load is increased the column buckles less? All the loads are below the critical load (2,563 lb). I know I have reported URES displacement here, but if I switch it to just x direction displacement (the direction the column buckles in) the displacements are the same.


Does anyone have an explanation? Do you see the same thing that I do?