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    SWX & Excel

    Zach Zimmerman

      How can I use excel in conjuction with SWX? Can I use a spreadsheet to power a model? Similar to the way we use design tables or configuration tables? How can these two programs communicate with each other? Any advice/ideas would be appreciated.

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          Josh Brady

          I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.  Design tables are Excel spreadsheets powering models.  Other than design tables, if you want Excel/Solidworks to talk to each other, you will need to write some macro code.


          If you can describe your situation in more detail someone may be able to give you more advice/ideas.

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              Zach Zimmerman
              1. Can assembly configurations and part dimensions be driven from an external table (excel file)?
              2. Can the model and the excel file both be saved as templates so that each time a new job arises they are all set up and the values can be re-entered into the excel file and it drives a new configuration of the model?
              3. If these circumstances are possible, would anyone be able to send us a very simple and basic sample so we can see exactly how this works?


              I have some assembly configuration models that I would like to be driven from Excel or from an external table.  To allow others to change a model that do not have access to SWX is my intent. You're correct, I don't know what I'm asking, just trying to figure out the capabilites that lie therein.

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                  Steve Martens

                  Hello Zack,

                  If you want a non SW user to modify a model without opening SolidWorks then Driveworks is the best long term option.  If you can have a SW user modify the spreadsheet/model then yes, excel is a great tool to use.


                  I'm sorry I can't send company models out, but you should be able to learn how to use design tables with some tutorials that are around.  and if you know how to use different functions in excel you can start to pull togethor the whole picture.  I use data tables and LOOKUP functions quite a bit to drive things, as well as equations.


                  However, Driveworks is a great tool, far more power for use within engineering as well as other departments.


                  have fun.


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                    Anna Wood



                    This thread is onw you want to read.




                    Look at the posts by Mauricio.  They do KBE design in SolidWorks with Excel.  Some pretty complex stuff at that.







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                  Roland Schwarz

                  D'oh!  Looks like I replied to a different thread by accident.  Reply copied below...


                  Linking Excel and SW via API (macros) is simple once you know how.  If you can do API for SW and also for Excel, you can also write programs that contain both API sets.


                  Start by recording a macro in SW and also one in Excel.  In the macro editor, go to the menu item Tools --> References.  Take note of what references are checked for each macro.  All that remains is to create a macro using all the references from both of the macros, and you have a macro with access to both Excel and SW API.


                  The macro can reside within an Excel file or as a SW macro.  Also works for stand-alone VB and C programs and their resulting compiled programs.