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    SolidWorks Optimization Background Equations

    Laurent Eap

      SolidWorks has an great optimization study under the design study tab that allows you input an objective, constraints, and variables and output an optimal design. However, I was wondering if there was an any material on the equations utilized and way of selecting such an optimal design. What I've been able to extract from the SolidWorks help is that it uses a Design of Experiments (DoE) method and then also mentions Box-Benkhen. I was wondering if there was any other literature to future describe how the optimization process is taking place with how and why the optimal design is selected. Thanks a lot!

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          Jared Conway

          customerportal.solidworks.com > knowledgebase


          check out


          S-010223: Does COSMOSWorks use the iterative secant method for Optimization study?

          No, for optimization, COSMOSWorks uses the Design Of Experiment (DOE) method.

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          S-059799: Which method of the Box-Bohnken Algorithm is used by Optimization Design Studies?

          The method used is actually a combination of the factorial and incomplete block methods. Using the factorial method exclusively would create a very large number of calculations (design points) with 3

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          S-010778: Where can I get information about the Design of Experiment method used by COSMOSWorks for optimization analysis?

          Design of Experiment (DoE) is a structured, organized method that is used to determine the relationship between the different factors (Xs) affecting a process and the output of that process (Y). This

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