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Unable to edit the dimension of virtual part after deleting external equations.

Question asked by Babu Rao Khamithkar on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by Manikandan Babu

Hi, I am facing a problem in soild works top down design.

I am unable to edit the dimension once external equation for that dimensions is deleted.


Hear the detailed explanation...

1. I created a assembly which contains virtual parts.

2. I defined some equation in the assembly file(GLOBAL) and linked this equtions to the part file dimensions via parametric modeling.

3. Now i want to repace these dimensions with design tables.

4. To do so I deleted all the equations.

5. While remaning the part dimensions(extrude height) I am unable to edit it and it gives a message saying "dimension is read only".


Please suggest me how can i modifiy or edit my dimension with out read only error.

Even I can not modifiy the value too.



Thanks and Regards,

Babu Rao K