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Linking Purchasing Software to EPDM

Question asked by Lawson Jones on Oct 29, 2013
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I am currently in the process of improving the way that the engineering office shares information with our purchasing department.


Currently our storeman manually recreates our BOMs in his purchasing software (Ostendo) by retyping in the information that we have given him (often from a pdf or paper document).  Such a process has resulted in huge discrepancies between engineers -> stores -> manufacture where revisions are not tracked or obsolete parts ordered, whilst wasting significant amounts of time duplicating that which has already been done.



We are currently investigating a way to get EPDM and the purchasing software to talk to one another.  Has anyone done this in the past or do you have good ideas of what to do or what not to do?



I am imagining that the best way for this to be completed is overnight a series of scripts should be run as follows


  1. 1) Check the current (part) info on purchasing software and update where required
  2. 2) Create the new/missing items on purchasing software (if in EPDM released state)
  3. 3) Check the current BOMs on purchasing software and update where required
  4. 4) Create the new/missing BOMs on purchasing software (if in EPDM released state)



How have people completed this in the past?  I am assuming most companies would have some form of set up to do this, but we are struggling to begin the process as everyone has different ideas, yet no one knows what will work best.  Your guidance and opinions would be hugely appreciated