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Saving out a part from toolbox with all configurations?

Question asked by Jon Anders Osterud on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Jon Anders Osterud

Hello all,


Just a quick question here, I've not been able to find any similar threads or info on this. I'm using the options"Use configurations" in toolbox. I want to save out e. g. a bolt from my toolbox, and I want to have all the configurations that are available in toolbox in my newly created stand-alone part (using sldsetdocprop.exe to break the link). With my current toolbox setup a new configuration is only written to the TB file whenever I use it. Let's say I want to save out a file which have used very few configurations, and there are 20-30 available. The question is: Is there any easy way to activate all configurations before saving it as a stand-alone part? Only method I know of today is to physically insert the bolt in an assembly and activate every single configuration manually?



Jon Anders