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Info on routing and design table

Discussion created by Alessandro Frattini on Dec 9, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2006 by Alessandro Frattini
Hello to all,
in the Parameters of CPoint, I find "Stub Length", to what serves (Help little clearly)? Moreover how I can set "Specification Field Name" and "Specification value" through design table ?
I have tried to change the values also in those standards of SW, but nothing.
Then why the infinite configurations in their rows are compiled ?
How they have made ?
Creating the table given automatically I find in CPoint1: Angle@CPoint1, Width@CPoint1, Depth@CPoint1, at the close of the table exit the error that the values of such parameters are not valid.
I try to set in excel like on the quota "1e-007", but nothing.
Moreover to what they serve, I do not find documentation to care.