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Equal sketched circles feature?

Question asked by Glenn Schroeder on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by Ditmars Veinbachs

I commented in another discussion that I would like to have an option for sketched circles to have equal relations automatically.  It got a favorable comment, so I wanted to expand on it, and see if anyone else likes the idea.  I'm starting a new discussion to avoid hijacking the other one.


What I have in mind is a third option in the Circle drop-down, maybe called "Equal Circles".  When selected, you place multiple circles, and the second and subsequent circles (until the command is closed) would have equal relations to the first added automatically.  In addition to this, if you select a circle that you've already placed, then select the command, the following circles would be equal to the selected circle.  By using standard equal relations, if you changed your mind later you could delete the relation and wouldn't need to delete the circle and place a new one.


I know that quite often I want several equal circles the same size in a sketch, and this would save quite a bit of time.  Anyone like the idea, don't like it, or like it but have a different workflow in mind?


circle options.png