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    Unable to launch Solidworks 2011 after crash

    Ashok Anumula

      I have solidworks 2011 premium sp5.0 running on windows 7 64bit. 16gb, 3.2ghz, 1gb video all drivers are uptodate recommended by sw.


      Here is the problem, I opened a 350mb file and was modifying it to decrease the file size by simply removing features. I have successfully removed the features I wanted to, but when I hit save Solidworks Crashed. When I go back to re-open solidworks it would not launch.


      Here is what I did so far.


      Try 1

      Restarted the computer both cold and hard boot

      Tried to start sw and still failed


      Try 2

      I reset my settings to an older date using copy settings tool

      Still would not launch


      Try 3

      Launched SW Rx and the diagnostic results showed two diagnostic test warnings

      1. Could not open the service pack database, the server may be busy, please try again later

      2. Toolbox is loaded on a local drive. This may not be an appropriate location ... bla bla...


      I think item1 has something to do with my sw not launching both from Quick tool bar and from programs


      Try 4 - This is what I did to run Solidworks

      I right clicked on the Solidworks Icon, Properties / Compatability / Privilage Level to "Run this program as administrator"

      Now I can launch SW once I accept the dialog box that says "do you want this program to make changes to this computer".

      [ I can not run any tasks using task scheduler either ]


      How can I fix this issue of not using my 4 try and get back to how I was