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    SW2014, VBA issues, but gone when running teamviewer

    Tony Kampen

      After installing SW2014 i have had serious problems with SW that i simply dont understand. The program runs really laggy, dragging, turning, new sketches, selecting planes etc... + the SW toolbox makes a whole lot of new problems. while staring up it stops a bit on the "initialize VBA engine" and inside the program i get the "Unable to open master database due to the following access error: " (after : its blank). To check if this was a problem for only my user i tried to log on another user on this comp. But there, on startup i only got a error about swvbaserver.exe not running.


      Tried to repair both SW install and Office, with no luck.Even tried installing 2013 again and same problems.


      Now here comes the funny part. While running Teamviewer, everything runs as it should again. No database opening erros, all the lag in the program is gone. No problems what so ever.


      Any thoughts ???