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    Part Revision & Drawing Revisions

    Steven Smith

      Is it possible to set up separate revision structures in epdm.


      For example we use alpha characters on our models and Numeric values for our drawing revisions but the drawing has two seperate areas to record both sets of status.

      Model rev - Dwg rev.png

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          Michael Dekoning

          Yes, although I've not set up a vault to do this.

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            Charley Saint



            It is, but it's somewhat difficult to get it right. You will have to setup 2 workflows, one for models and one for drawings. If you name the transitions the same then the models and drawings will follow each other through the workflow, but don't count on it as at some point you're going to rev a drawing without reving the model and things may get out of sync. Prepare to run a lot of reports if you want to make sure everything is in sync.

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                Tim Read

                You can apply a 'trick' to use the same workflow with 'different' revision schemes...


                Set up two Revision number components - both of which are "Value from list":

                Numeric: Blank,1,2,3,...

                Alpha: Blank,A,B,C,...


                Create a Revision Number that contains both components.


                Then in your workflow have two transitions to any state that increments the revision, one for the parts & assemblies and one for the drawings (same name but restrict based on filepath eg.%\%.slddrw and !=%\%.slddrw). In each transistion ONLY increment the Numeric OR the Alpha.


                There are limitations to this approach but I just thought I'd throw it out there. :-)

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                Steven Smith

                Thanks guy's,

                We havent implemented the PDM as of yet, but I was just looking out to see if there were any problems that we would come across durin the rollout.


                Food for thought,