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Pressure & Deformation applied from rubber part to muscle tissue

Question asked by Shar Fa on Oct 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by Shar Fa

Hi guys,


I want to create a simulation of a rubber sleeve surounding a muscle, applying intial force on the muscle (causing it to deform a little bit).

Then, I want to apply internal pressure from inside the muscle while the rubber still applies the initial pressure (just to be tight on the muscle) and basically see what happens - how much the rubber and the muscle expand/deform depending on the 1. intial force applied by the sleeve (how tight it is) 2. the internal pressure inside the muscle


a. What properties should I insert to the material of the muscle? just google something or is there a solidworks material file for that?

b. How do I create the above assembly and then simulate the forces between the two parts? any usefull relevent guides?


A pic is attached. Imagine the muscle is revolved around the symmetric line so it look a abit like a curved balloon, and the rubber sleeve surounds it up to a certain point.


Thanks a lot, I know its probably not a trivial question