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Convert Entities - and make a construction line

Question asked by Steve Krause on Oct 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by Steve Krause

I have an obround opening in a Part1.  I need to place a hole on a different Part2 below it.  I want the placed hole to be in the center of the obround.  I don't know an easy way to do it so this is what I do:  I start a sketch on the surface of Part1.  I select Convert Entities and then select the two straight lines in the obround of Part1.  I then hit enter to exit the Convert Entities.  Then I use the Construction Geometry tool to convert the two lines in the sketch to construction lines.  Then I select the construction line sketch tool and draw a line between the centers of the two lines I already have in the sketch.  At that point I can draw a circle for the size of the hole of use the Hole Wizard and then select the center of the line that connects the two other lines.


1) is there a way to make the Convert Entities create construction lines rather than creating regular lines?  That would save me having to convert them from regular to construction.


2) Is there a quicker way to pick the center of the obround to place that in the sketch? Letting the sketch tool find centers of an obround by dragging the cursor over the shape is a little twitchy so I'm wondering if there is some sort of trick for this?