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Question asked by Bjenk 8100 Jenkins on Oct 25, 2013
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I recently asked and was advised to check the box that mandates a fully defined sketch before rebuild or addition of a feature.  I am fine with this and like having a fully defined sketch.  However, I am getting very frustrated.  All I try to do is draw a simple sketch and put in smart dimensions and craziness happens (overriding sketch, over defining, etc.).  What I do is go to every yellow entity (conflicted) or blue (under-defined) and select it.  I edit the line properties (relations > hor, vert, fix) and then the line is defined.  What does fix do.  The whole thing just doesnt make sense to me.  I have to go to properties and hit fix.  None of the properties change from what I wanted.  Solidworks attempt to explain the fully define process is not enough.  Any help with something I am missing or where to go to search this concept is greatly appreciated.  Drawing a fully defined trapezoid should not be a hard thing or time consuming thing to do.  I have been drafting a long time with other programs and never had such problems.