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Seeking Experience for a short stint

Question asked by Paul Passarelli on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by Mike Pogue

<copy of an email sent to connswug>


You probably don't remember me, but I'm a SolidWorks owner who has had significant challenges with the product... 


Let me get straight to the point.


  I'm in need of someone who can:

  1. operate under an NDA (pretty standard)
  2. use my .drwdot, .prtdot, and, .asmdot templates, or improve them TBD, or port them to better templates
  3. help me determine if upgrading my SolidWorks would provide real benefits to the work product
  4. be familiar with various COTS bearings, fittings, fasteners, etc. -- ToolBox?
  5. assist me in a mechanical & design review of an engine model
  6. produce drawings that I can be used obtain RFQs from various suppliers


  I realize I can't ask you to vouch for another person, but I am under some significant (and sudden) pressure to get this done so that I might close a deal in the near future (think Thanksgiving).  Because of the time considerations I can't indulge someone who "knows how but hasn't done it for a long time". 


  I hope that you can refer someone to me who would be interested and ready to engage as soon as next week.  Alternatively, perhaps you know a professional recruiter whom you trust, and might have a larger bullpen to draw upon.    If that's not possible, can you give me any idea how to proceed? 


Questions? Google Voice me: (213)207-6691



Thanks in advance,



Solar & Thermal