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Imitating TB with home-made parts

Question asked by Patrick Hunter on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Brian McEwen

I've made my own fastener files that I consider hybridized Toolbox in structure. What I mean by that is that I create the files with extensive design tables, then use the configuration selection thingy to call up the selection tool when I drag-drop from my library to an assembly. It's better than a "configurator" because all the configurations exist right away; the design table is complete, so you'd never have a situation where two parts with the same file name have different configs (like if you P+G the TB part). It's also better than creating unique parts, because the Design Library isn't easy to sift through when you have a trillion parts; I just drag the single "SHCS" file into the assy, pick material, thread size and length, and the proper config is chosen. I also don't need Access to change a database, I don't worry about the "database" being corrupted, and the Design tables in Excel are so easy to work with that I can make a fastener with hundreds of configs in about an hour. OK I'm proud of it so I'm bragging a little... I digress.


There are so many reasons for my group not to use Solidworks Toolbox, I don't want to have that discussion. But I do have a question stemming from new features I see in SW 2014, which is the ability to exclude Toolbox parts from Pack and Go. Because I have imitated and in some cases exceeded Toolbox's functionality with more flexibility and arguably more stability than Toolbox itself, I would like to know if I can make SW recognize my home-made tb parts as kinda-sorta SW TB parts so that I can exclude them from Pack and Go. Can anyone tell me (because I only have 2012 right now) if this uses the "IsToolbox" flag to determine which parts are Toolbox and which aren't, and would/should it be possible for me to call my parts TB even though they aren't and thus gain the little TB-specific perks built into SW with my home-made files?