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Rendering people..?

Discussion created by Andrew Redman on Dec 8, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2007 by Pauls Zwaan
Hi There

Just wondering if anyone has ever managed to get a good rendering of people in Solidworks? I'm an industrial designer and have to do a lot of product presentation images for clients. Photoworks is really good now for doing products on their own, but quite often we need to add a person to a scene to show a product in use.

At the moment I use Poser to create the person in roughly the right position and then put it together with the product image in Photoshop. This is a bit tedious and doesn't give great results. The alternative is to use more "graphic" solutions, like add on outlines of people or "light grey people", which can sometimes look more sophisticated than a dodgey rendering of a computer person. Very occasionally we have put real photos of people together with the render, but again it's really difficult to get the render to match the pose exactly without looking odd.

I know some industrial/product designers just output SW files to Studio Max or Maya and put it all together in there. But these are expensive programs, both in terms of money and time to learn.

Has anyone here really tackled this workflow and got something working well within a reasonable budget?