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Creating unique serialized part numbers

Question asked by Michael Borkowski on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by Charley Saint

So, I'm aware that this is going to be an API issue, but I'm open to any suggestions or links to how I would get started.


When I create a new file, I've got 7+ different catagories that the file can fall under (assembly, manifold, fabrication, program, etc). This is directly tied into our part numbering system as a prefex followed by a 5 digit serialized number. So for example: ASM-00001, MAN-00001, FAB-00001 and so on.


It would be rediculous to create 7+ different templates for each part, assembly, drawing (plus we have customer specific templates and us 3 different cad systems), so I cannot use the standard serial number generator in EPDM. It would be ideal to have one template and use a pull down to define which serial number generator gets used. I've looked into using the dispatch add in as well, but haven't had any luck with that either.


Does anyone have any ideas? The link below seemed to be on a similar path that I am, but the linked software doesn't work as an add-in...