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    Joe Perushek

      Hi -


      I'm running sw2013.  I'm having issue moving things to different layers.  I have a model with different configuations.  I'm bringing one configuration into my drawing (top/front/right) and want to move those to a specfic layer.  I'm then bring in a different configuation (from the same model) (top/front/right). 


      I have two layers already set up.  I select the views that i want, bring up layer properties, select the layer I want, and click move.  I do the same thing with the other drawing views and select the other layer name, click move.  No matter what i do, it moved all drawing view to the same layer.


      What am I doing wrong?  Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Joe,


          With your drawing open, expand the tree to find the model for the selected drawing view.  Right-click on it and choose "Component Line Font..." from the drop-down.  (If the drawing view is of a part, you can click on the drawing view instead of in the tree, but if it's an assembly you have to go to the tree.)  That will bring up the dialog box shown below.  Un-check "Use document defaults", then choose the desired Layer from the drop-down.  "All views" will also be selected by default.  If you only want this change to affect this one drawing view, then choose "From selection"  (circled below).


          You can also use this workflow to change colors for selected components in a drawing view of an assembly.


          line font.png