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    [Free Book] Introduction to SolidWorks

    Mario Castro-Cedeno

      In this book, readers design a skateboard and learn 3D modeling using SolidWorks. They also learn to create drawings to communicate design ideas. It cah be downloaded at no cost from http://www.scribd.com/doc/176131537/Introduction-to-SolidWorks?post_id=501239105_10151922694179106#_=_


      Comments and suggestions are invited and appreciated.


      Message was edited by: Mario Castro-Cedeno The pdf version of the book was added. Please feel free to download and use following Creative Commons rules.


      Message was edited by: Mario Castro-Cedeno Update on 6/28/2015: I added the 2nd edition of the book. It can also be downloaded free from http://www.cadeducators.com