Peter Tellram

USB Dongle with SW2001+/SW2003

Discussion created by Peter Tellram on Dec 8, 2006
I have several versions of SolidWorks installed on my computer, ranging from 2001+ to 2007. This has not been a problem before as we have had Parallell-port dongles. Now I have a USB-dongle for these new licenses, but 2001+ and 2003 refuse to detect this dongle. 2004 and later works as they should.

Is there any way to get 2001+/2003 to work with a USB-dongle? I really don't want to use a Parallell-port dongle as it's a laptop with no parallell-port available.

I have the same issue on a new license-server I'm setting up. The license manager for 2001+/2003 doesn't detect the USB-dongle either. This also needs to be solved.

Any ideas?