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    SW13-SP5 Released

    Kelvin Lamport

      I just noticed that SP5 for SW13 is now available for download.

      Unfortunately the list of fixes for SP5 has yet to appear.

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          Scott Lyon

          They never put up the list for the EV either.


          I can tell you one problem though; I can't get SW13 SP5 to install after installing SW14 SP0. Tried this evening and it said it couldn't find original install files and it created some log files for me to share with my VAR tomorrow. Fun fun. I don't remember having this problem last year.

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              Deepak Gupta

              Installed fine for me alongside SW2014. Make sure you downloaded all the files.


              Also disable UAC under control panel and try installing again.

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                  Scott Lyon

                  Oh computers are such a joy to play with. I have UAC off all the time because I found it to be such a nag a long time ago.


                  I did put in my original SW13 DVD and try again though. Part way through, the install manager said it couldn't modify a file named SolidWorks.Proxy.Sldworks.dll because I didn't have write access. I went to the supposed file location only to discover the file wasn't even there. For the fun of it I went to the same location in my SW14 installment, copied that file and pasted it in the 13 install folder. I ran the SP5 installer again and this time it completed successfully. I probable have SW2013.5 SP2.5 now.


                  Both 13 and 14 will load up at the same time and everything 'looks' right. I guess as always, time will tell.