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    Bjenk 8100 Jenkins



      Im not sure if this is the right area to post but oh well.  I finally decided to go through entire command guide for SW.  I came accross my first puzzlement.  When trying to save a part template the document tries to save in Program Data > Solidworks > Solidworks2012 > Templates.  This is fine with me minus I cant find program data using windows 8 from my desktop.  If I type it in the browser it takes me there but i cant manually find it for some reason.  This just bothers me.  It is like hidden or something.  Search doesnt even find it.  Only way I can find it is by typing it in a browser.  I guess I have to save "my templates" to "solidworks2012" template folder for it to show up on screen in solidworks when creating new part/assembly/drawing. Thats fine with me. Everything works for me I made a new folder in the template folder for my templates when doing save as but it just bothers me that I cant find that hidden folder by itself by clicking on c:/ drive.  Any help or comment would be appreciated.





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          Jeremy Feist

          you do not need to use the default folder for your custom templates. AND YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T. put your custom templates (and anything else you customize) outside of the SW install folder - anything in there can an will be overwritten when you upgrade SW.


          to get your custom templates to show up on file - new, just add (or better replace) the location in the system options under file locations - templates.