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Discussion created by bob hern on Dec 7, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2006 by Bill Reuss
is there any place that has benchmarks for solidworks? i am suggesting parts for a friend of mine to replace a older 3GHz P4 machine. the machine will need to do more than solidworks and more of a gaming (light, probably a 7600gt w/ 256MB) graphics card will be used as this will be his home, not at work machine.

the options on the table are either a c2d 6300-6400, a x2 3800-4200 or opteron 939 165-175 depending on availability as these 939 dcs are getting harder to find. the issue is we are trying to keep the bang for buck very high and not wanting to break the bank, thus the difference in price between a c2d, the c2d board and ddr2 could sway the outcome based on outcomes vs ddr and a 939 setup. also i have read that solidworks is not smp/smt capable, so that kind of rules out the bonus of building a c2d setup with a m/b that supports kentsfield...

in all the benches i have seen, the slower c2ds and x2s are within 9-10% of each other with the c2d being on top, was just wondering how solidworks does with the different cpus. the benches i have seen are audio/video encoding, gaming and 3dsmax7

price is a concern and my friend keeps his machines for a bit so the next upgrade i am sure there will be something out besides am2, 1207(F) and 775.

thanks in advance for your time and knowledge,