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.STL file import and surface smoothing

Question asked by Shubharthi Sengupta on Oct 23, 2013

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to import an .stl file that was created using a modelling software called BrainVoyager that relies on MRI scans of the human brain and generates 3d models of the same. I need to create a hollow model with a solid, smooth surface from that .stl file, which will then be used for 3D printing. So in other words, I need to create a conformal post-mortem brain container. Now I have tried importing the .stl file as a graphics, solid and surface body, but thats pretty much the extent of it as I cannot seem to progress further. I tried the approach Charles had mentioned (using MeshLab) but it didn't exactly work out. I don't have the Scan 2 3d add-in, and that makes it all the more difficult.


Could anyone help me in figuring out the best way to import the .stl file and then smooth the surface of the structure?


Appreciate any help that might be available.


PS: I'm attaching the file for reference.