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    Meshing of Curved Walls

    Francis Antonio

      This is the final meshing of the curved tube within tube (please see the figure for your reference). Is it possible to fill the gap near boundary wall (please refer to the figure -  a sketch note can be seen)? I used automatic meshing for this figure (default mesh scale of 3), I also try to refine it (scale of 8) but still the same gaps are observed.

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          Kyu-Hyung Kim

          FS is compose of 3 type Cell


          1. Solid Cell, 2. Fluid Cell , 3 Partial Cell


          Especially Partial Cell [ included Solid region, Fluid region ] applied Wall function in Solid/Fluid interface.


          Your image is shown Fluid Cell only.  So you should See Fluid & Partial Cell usign 3D mesher


          but I recommend to you to use 2D  cut plot mesh.. you can select 3 type of mesh (fluid, solid, fluid and solid).


          Go on see Fluid mesh.

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              Jared Conway

              i agree with kyu-hyung here, it looks like you're not showing the partial cells.


              might be worth checking out the solving engineering problems and technical references to get some more info on this. the tutorial on mesh optimization will give you some more direct experience with the functionalities that are available to you for refining the mesh further.