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    UI problems dependent on Windows setting

    Ben Daniels

      I just upgraded to Solidworks 2014 from 2013. I have a Dell Procision M6600 with nVidia 3000M. I am using the latest verified drivers.


      In Windows 7 there is an option for scaling the display. I use 2 Dell U2711 27" displays with a resolution of 2560x1440. Using the default display settings, many things are just slightly too small for comfort. My eyesight is fine.




      I prefer to set this to 125%, as shown above. With Solidworks 2013, I had no issues with this. But after installing 2014, I noticed the problems in the pictures below.


      At first I didn't know what was going on, so I performed a clean installation. No luck. It was only after I toggled the display setting above to 100% that the problem went away.


      Note: I had tried the new text size settings in 2014. They don't help. Any thoughts?






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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Ben,


          We made a lot of changes on SolidWprks 2014 for various display configurations, icon sizes, and operating systems. Unfortunately, I think that the problems you see are a negative effects that we did not catch in our testing or during Beta, but I think we may now have fixes for in SolidWoks 2014 SP01. However, to be sure, I would suggest that you report the problem to your reseller for verification and/or sign up for and check the problem in the SolidWorks 2014 SP01 EV (early visibility) version to be sure we've fixed the exact problem.






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              Richard Wagenaar

              Hi Jim,


              I appreciate you are working on it but it seems to be a project under development.


              I had a lot of problems with scaling since 2013 which I have written here





              None of the problems have been fixed in SW2014 for me.

              The dimensions input boxes are still corrupt when scaling >155%.

              I believe it had an SPR. 


              You can now make the buttons bigger,  but this has a very negative

              impact on the font size when using a right mouse button.

              If you make the buttons bigger, the text in the RMB also gets much

              bigger and at least the vertical distance between the text option.

              So your text options in a RMB are often below the screen when

              using bigger buttons.  Why has it been implemented in this way? 

              It is not usable in this manner.


              Strange enough there is also an option to change the scaling of the

              text but this can't fix the problem when making the buttons larger.


              There is still no way to show a textsize bigger than about 1/10" on

              a 27"  2560x1440 resolution while editing dimensiontext in assemblies

              and parts.  This is far to small according to eye doctors.

              I don't have big eye problems on older versions of Solidworks but

              running new versions of Solidworks on modern hardware cause me


              Resolutions get bigger all the time and editing dimensiontext

              is the most used command, why doesn't this get fixed,  or rather

              why is it broken?  


              So finally none of the problems with scaling were fixed with high

              resolution monitors and too small UI items which I found. And now

              there are additional new problems with scaling like Ben showed.

              The very basic things like showing menus correctly on modern hardware

              should work, these problems are known for almost one year now.


              These problems did not exist before about 2010,  I even have none

              of the problems while working with SW2005 on 2560x1440.

              And there is dynamic highlighting in large assembly mode in SW2005 as fast

              as you  ever would want it. I find the user interface has suffered a lot the

              last years. So much that we can't use SW2013/SW2014 in a way that we save

              time when compared to SW2005 even with all the new fancy features.

              Why can't the dynamic highlight just be as in SW2005,  user configurable

              on or of in large assembly mode? Why is dynamic highligh in 2013/2014

              so slow compared to SW2005 large assembly mode?


              See picture of corrupt dimension input box (most used command !)  when

              scaling is 160%.

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                Jim Wilkinson

                Just to connect threads together for those watching or encountering this one, please see this other thread for more details from Kevin at SolidWorks:

                SW2014 property manager font 30% smaller and new font/buttons options are useless




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                Richard Wagenaar



                Did you test SP2EV?  Some problems are fixed.