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    Motion simulation and FEA in Solidworks

    Dan Shi



      How to combine the motion simulation and FEA simulation in Solidworks ?


      The problem is like this:

      1, There is one stable plate (no movement) and a ball in the air above the ball.

      Using motion simulation, the bouncing trace can be obtained.

      With this the impact between the ball and the plate is analyzed.


      2, There is one plate excited under certain frequency vibration.

      Using frequency analysis or time history analysis, the steady or dynamic vibration of the plate can be obtained.


      Motor in the motion study cannot be used simply for the plate as this vibration.

      According to the solidworks help, motion simulation does not consider the structure deformation.

      However, this happened in the vibration.


      How can I combine or communicate the information between these two situations, so that behavior of the ball on the vibrating plate (with deformation) can be obtained?


      The problem for me is so complicated. I hope someone can give me some advice.


      Thank you in advance.


      I am looking forward to your advice.

        • Re: Motion simulation and FEA in Solidworks
          Jared Conway

          dig into the lesson in the motion manual about importing motion loads into solidworks simulation or the similar lesson in the simulation training.


          basically it describes how a single frame or a couple of frames can be imported and that only really the inertial loads are imported. so that isn't going to work for you.


          what you'll want to look at is nonlinear dynamic analysis in solidworks premium. this is going to be a pretty complicated analysis so make sure you really can't get away with the motion simulation first. ie that your deformations are very important to the analysis.