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    Migrating files from Explorer to Epdm

    Jon Perkins



      I need advice on how to migrate files that are in Solid Works Explorer Vault into Solid Works Epdm Vault. I need to keep all older revisions and file references. Any suggestions will be very appreciated.


      Thank you,


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          Steve Martens

          Hi Jon,

          Have you created categories, file cards and workflows?

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              Jon Perkins

              Hi Steve,


              Yes, we have a fully functioning Epdm that has been in place for about 10 months.

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                  Charley Saint



                  You should contact you reseller regarding a Workgroup Migration. I'd say if you only wanted the latest versions you could probably get through it, but your VAR should have all the tools and experience necessary to do a full migration.

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                      Jon Perkins

                      Hi Charley,


                      I got a quote from our VAR. This is why I'm asking for help here and hoping to do it myself.

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                          Tim Webb

                          Hi Jon,


                          I completely get the reason you are seeking to do this on your own. First let me apologize if this sounds harsh, it is not intended to whatsoever.


                          ***Ok we need a reality check on this post***


                          Here's the take home: You want to spend $1 to save $10 but will likely end up spending $50 fixing it.


                          One question we have ALL learned to ask from the school of hard knocks is "Sooo....just how valuable IS the data to our organization?". My question to any admin is "Do you really want to wrap yourself up in this?"


                          It *really* is a good idea to seek the assistance of your VAR, someone who has trained extensively and has executed these migrations before. Especially with Workgroup if that is what you are using now.


                          Let's consider the risks:


                          1. Best case: You make it work, it works on the first migration attempt, Revisions are good, files in the correct workflow states, data cards populated, folders right, and all is well.
                          2. Less desirable case: You make a go, then your organization spends a year or more recovering from the lack of a solid plan for your self-migration because data card info is lost, files not in correct workflow states which corrupts history, Revisions wrong so the audit trail is hosed, etc. And someone above you brings in the 3rd party to fix it to save their neck.
                          3. Worst case: You destroy valuable company data, spend many nights and weekends only to discover you need to bring in a 3rd party to fix what happens during your self-migration.


                          Again, not intended to be harsh but wanted to ensure you were aware of the risks of the path you're proposing.


                          All the best,


                          Tim CEPA


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                    Jeff Thomas

                    Jon, we are currently doing this right now. There is no easy answer! Most companies pay their VAR to do this, we chose not to. You may not save much in the long run but you sure will have a better understanding on how everything works when your done.


                    We open an assembly in 2012 ensuring that it is checked out into the appropriate EPDM vault folder. Then we close it in 2012 and open it in 2013 to gain right access to the files. We only turn on workgroup in 2012 and epdm in 2013. We then check in the files, including drawings, into the engineering workflow. We are having to replace the drawing templates with new ones due to variable data in EPDM as well. We are leaving the files in the initial work state until all reference files are in the vault and working correctly. Then they will transition through to the released state and get a new Rev.


                    Bring in the next assembly from 2012 but when checking it out of the vault make sure any reference files that are allready in the EPDM vault are unchecked, so they wont get checked out. Only bring in unique files! When you open the files in 2013 you will be prompted to find the referenced files. Browse to the location in the EPDM vault to add them to the assembly. This includes your purchased component library, which we brough into the EPDM vault before moving any files. It is a long tedious process so we are only bringing in our Standard Tools. All the custom tools in the workgroup vault will stay there as archived files. All the Standard Tools will be set to Rev A to establlish the difference between the vaults. Our workgroup drawing revisions are A-CHK-XX.


                    I hope this helps.


                    Jon, look at this as a good time to fix longstanding issues with your designs and drawings, we are.

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                      Jon Perkins

                      Thanks everyone, it seems our best action will be to have our VAR do the migration. I appreciate all your suggestions and comments.