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    Installed Solidworks 13-14 corrupted HDD

    Alvin Chen

      As title says, when I installed solidworks 2013-2014 it crashed my secondary HDD and now it is corrupted.Untitled.png


      Any idea what may have caused this?

      I was merely installing the program to finish my school work and then all my programs from my secondary HDD that were being used started getting lots of errors. I assumed my secondary HDD had some issues so I decided to reboot. Now I have a corrupted HDD.

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          Jeff Holliday

          I would suspect that you were the victim of some bad timing. I have never heard of SW installation corrupting a HDD. I think there was probably a problem developing with the system that just became worse at the same time that you happened to be installing SW. Installing any large program can cause extra workload for a HD.


          I am sorry that you are having problems especially while trying to finish your schoolwork!

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            Ian Worrall

            It looks like your F drive has lost its partition table. DO NOT REFORMAT IT YET!

            Your data is probably still there, you just need to use some partition recovery software like TestDisk or similar.


            Obtain another drive of the same size or larger, then run the software (it will require this space to put any recovered files into).


            Only if TestDisk cannot find your data should you consider it lost and then reformat.