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    Favorite SpacePilot button assignments

    Steve Krause

      I just inherited a spacepilot from someone that left the company and I'm wondering how I will like it. 


      One thing I've gotten used to without it is that I assign Q to Measure and A to Mate.   When I want to select something to measure I use my left hand small finger to hit the control key and hold it down while I select with a right hand mouse left click, two points, lines or surfaces  --  then I release the control key and use the same left hand small finger to do measure or mate with a Q or A.   I've gotten quite used to this and use that technique a lot throughout the day.


      With the spacepilot I can move around the model with the left hand on the spacepilot and there is a control key to hit hold down with my small finger while I select two points, lines or surfaces with the right hand mouse.   The control key on this model of spacepilot is not in the optimum place as it is small and not prominent between Esc and Alt but I could get used to that position.  But then I have to move my hand to hit the Q or A on the keyboard.   So I guess I need to assign a Measure and a Mate to some of the many other buttons on the spacepilot. 


      Anybody else using a spacepilot (the rectangular mdoel with monochrome display) and does this make sense?

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          John Lhuillier

          Once you get used to using it & programming the buttons to your most used commands you'll wonder why didn't I do this earlier. Most people once they get used to using one of the 3D controllers will go nuts when they have to use someone elses computer that doesn't have one. I do agree that the button layout on the Spacepilot both original & new is not the most ergonomic of the layouts they have especially for those with large hands but still beats trying to locate the keys on the keyboard.

          Also keep in mind that you can generate your own key combination commands in the 3DConnexion Control panel if the ones that come with the programs you use aren't enough.

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            Matt Gortner

            Here is the button mapping I settled on (some are still in process):

            Config 1:


            1- Wireframe

            2- S

            3- Shaded with edges

            4- View planes

            5- View temp axes

            6- TBD


            Config 2:

            1-Clear filters

            2-Filter vertices

            3-Filter edges

            4-Filter suface badies

            5-Filter solid bodies







            R: Normal To


            I line my spacepilot up right next to my keyboard so I don't feel it's necessary to use alt, control, and shift on the pilot.  But I do find the ESC pilot key a major time saver.