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Design Table Generating a Cosmetic Thread Error

Question asked by Matthew Wypych on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Hasanain Shuja

I've run into an issue where using a design table to change the length of a cosmetic thread is generating an error.


The goal was to create a simple internally tapped stud with configurations of different lengths. As the stud length changes so should the depth of the cosmetic thread.


The process is:

1 - Create a solid

2 - Put a hole in it

3 - Add a cosmetic thread

4 - Create a Design table that changes the length of the hole/solid and also changes the threaded length in the cosmetic thread.


The result is that the feature tree flags a warning saying the thread depth is out of range even though the cosmetic thread is clearly shorter than the hole in the given configuration.


Interestingly enough if I create the design table smallest to largest the table stops processing when the cosmetic thread gets longer than the hole in the shortest configuration. If the table is organized largest to smallest the model builds the correct configurations but flags the error mentioned.


I've attached a simple file that shows the warning error.


I'm on SW13, SP4. Other people can open the file and have the same issue.


Can anyone replicate my problem?


Any suggestions for a work around?