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    Changing Description or title name on border

    Sid Humphreys

      Good Friday afternoon all,


      I am creating an assembly drawing which has multiple models attached and views of.  I know that the description in "properties" of the model populated the title of my drawing.  Problem is, the drawing seems to take the title from the first model used on the page.  So if I create multiple views of the first model and then create another view lastly of another model, the name in the title remains to the first model used.  I need to get the title to change to another model without having to delete all my other views and associated work and then bring the second model in first as to use that property description.


      Does all this mumbo jumbo make sense?  I even tried just to drag the last view with the name I wanted to the top of the tree, but no luck.  I could really use a solution here so that I do not have to recreate all my viewss and work again.