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    Problem with stability of SW 2013

    Marcin Suchomski

      Dear users.

      I'am a new on this forum. I'am from Poland . Sorry for my poor English.


      I have a problem with stability of SW.

      I normally work with assemblies consisting of about 30-50 subassemblies.

      Total amount af parts in assembly is about 2.500.

      Partts are created as solids or sheetmetal.. About 20% of parts are from toolbox ( screws, bearings, washers..)

      I work with large assemby mode and lightweiht components.

      Problem is in a few primary situations.


      First - when I'am saving assembly - it takes 1-2 minutes, sometimes newer endings and sometimes SW shutdown.

      Second - when I'am update project - it takes 1-2 minutes, sometimes newer endings and sometimes SW shutdown.

      When I'am saving ( apply sketch) . - it takes 1-2 minutes ( my sketches are not complex - only circles rectangles sometimes radius)

      When I'am isolating selected parts, assemblies - SW often shutdown.


      My hardware config:

      motherboard - sabertooth P67

      cpu - I7 - K2600K

      memory - 4x4Gb - 1333

      1x SSD - 30 Gb - operating system and program files, toolbox

      1x SSD - 60 Gb - design data

      Graphic - Quadro 4000

      Spacenavigator controller


      During my work everyday ( 8-9 working hours) I've about 25 unexpected shutdowns of SW.

      Manually I have to shutdown of SW about 10 times per day.

      So whole day of working ( only  working ) is about 6 hours.

      The rest of time is working with problems with SW - shutting down, starting SW again, cheking if last version of project is actual or not (because of unexpected shutdown SW), repairing lost connections ( relations) beetwen parts and asseblies.


      Few days I overlocked my CPU from 3,5 to 4,9 MHz.

      Now is much better but still I'am not sattisfied.


      In my opinion each saving projct generate automatically update project.

      During update I looked to task manager and I can see very often taht CPU is inactive  (looks like too low power to make calcuulations).

      It's strange because if cpu is not inactive it works only with about 13-17% of power.

      What CPU is not using 100% power...?


      Anyone has the same, simillar problem?

      Maybe I've something wrong in SW settings?

      Or some wrong settings of operating system or hardware config?




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          Jerry Steiger



          You have no need to apologize for your English, it is quite good.


          I can only think of a couple of things that might cause your crashing problems. One would be that you are saving your files on the network and have a bad network. You could check that by saving locally. Obviously not the problem if you do save locally. Another would be that you are not using an approved graphics driver for your system. You could use Software OpenGL for a while to see if the problem goes away. A third, rather remote, possibility is that is tied to your Space Navigator. You could try not using it for a day or two. Another possibility is that your computer has some problem. Can you try using another computer for a day or two? Finally, you could send the files into your VAR to see if they can duplicate the problem.


          Jerry S.

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              Marcin Suchomski

              Dear Jerry.

              Thank You very much for answer.

              Regarding to your suggestions:


              Files are saved locally. This is drive designeted  only for projects. 60 gb disk. Now I have on it about 35gb free space.

              SW is installed on C:/ drive on the same drive where is installed operating system.

              C drive has 15gb free space.

              I'am using approved drivers for graphic card. It's nvidia quadro 4000. I checked in RX and graphic card and drivers are "checked" as ok..

              I'am using  space navigator. I worked today without this controller and still have the same problems.


              Anywy thank You for help.

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              Joseph Weaver

              I was also having problems when I upgraded from 20121 to 2013. My problem was the graphics driver, the recommended driver changed for my quadro 5500. Since I've installed correct drivers my crashing has decreased greatly, but I still crash once in a while. Your situation sounds far worse but it's definiely worth checking the graphics drivers on the SW web site.


              Joe W.

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                Kelvin Lamport

                How much free space is available on the SSDs?

                Which OS are you using?

                Are you able to increase the RAM?

                Make sure the graphics & mouse drivers are up to date. Run the SolidWorks Rx tool to check.

                Are your running extra cooling on the CPU?