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    Macro for print page setup settings

    Dinesh Ramasubbu

      Hello All,


      I'm Solidworks 2013 user & new to this forum.


      I'm trying a macro for page setup options.I tried a recorded macro. It works fine for the follwing three settings.

      Scale to fit

      Paper size



      For unknown reasons, two settings ('High Quality'  & 'Drawing Color' ) in the page setup are not working even after running the macro


      High Quality checkbox should not have a tick mark & drawing color to be "Black & White. - "THIS IS MY REQUIREMENT"



      Code is below, Could anyone please help !

      Also please see the image of page setup dialog box in the att



      Sub main()

      Set swApp = _

      Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc
      Dim myPageSetup As Object
      Set myPageSetup = Part.Extension.AppPageSetup
      myPageSetup.HighQuality = False
      Dim mySheet As Object
      Set mySheet = Part.Sheet("Drawing 1")
      Set myPageSetup = mySheet.PageSetup
      myPageSetup.ScaleToFit = True
      myPageSetup.Orientation = swPageSetupOrientation_e.swPageSetupOrient_Landscape
      myPageSetup.DrawingColor = swPageSetupDrawingColor_e.swPageSetup_BlackAndWhite
      myPageSetup.HighQuality = False
      myPageSetup.PrinterPaperSize = 1
      End Sub