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Question asked by Liviu Cseki on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by Liviu Cseki

Hello guys,

First, I want to describe a situation and then I want to ask the question.

A designer/engineer designes a the bumper of a car. The design is very complex and precise and must be followed entirely. Then, another engineer takes the design (surface or solid) and builds the ribs, assembly features, etc. In the meantime, the designer receives some new information and modifies the design and sends the file to the other engineer. The second engineer worked with the first design 160 hours to transform the designer's dream into a manufacturable part. And at this point he needs to replace the design in his work.

This situation, what I described above, is what it happens in real life. And, in two of the CAD softwares I worked in, there is a function that allowes you to replace features, as the design. You just point to a new file and manually (if it doesn't work automatically) repair/replace the broken features.

Is this possible in Solidworks 2013 too or  you have to spend another 160 hours working on completelly rebuilding the bumper?

I asked this question to a helpdesk in Germany, where I work, and I keep being passed over to other guys that try to answer this question. Please help! I have a similar situation, but at a smaller skale.

Thanks for the feedback.

Have a nice day.