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How can I define this part onto a flat sheet?

Question asked by Todd Hoffman on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by Todd Hoffman

Basically a simple cone shape which is easy enough to do and to transfer the cone into a sheetmetal form.


But the cone shape has three helical cut paths from the top to bottom, making three separate pieces that make up the cone.


I know the cone itself can easily be made into a sheet metal layout.  And since these pieces are cut from the cone, I was hoping there would be some way I could define them in a flat form for me to fabricate.  I'm guessing when laid out flat the edges have a increasing radii curve, and maybe I can't do this in SolidWorks.


Attached is the simple file of what I'm looking at.  If anyone could guide me to how I can define the piece on a sheet form, I would love to know!


Otherwise I guess my option might be to go to the craft store and buy some thick construction paper, make the appropriate cone form, draw the design on the cone and then cut it out.  Use that cutout as my template for each piece. 


Crude, but might be my only way?