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Subtracting assembly from part

Question asked by Toni Pintar on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2013 by Deepak Gupta

I am trying to find a way to subtract an assembly of parts from a part.


My current structure is the following

Top Assembly:

     - Part

     - Low Assembly

          - Parts

          - Linear Patterns


All of the features are driven from a higher level than Top Assembly, and in some instances I must subtract multiple assemblies from a single part. because all parts are driven, any solution I apply must be automatically updateable.


The ideas which I  tried working with untill hitting a blind alley:

1. Low assembly sketch with converted parts + sketch in Top Assembly with sketch conversion from Low assembly

     - problem: selecting patterned parts

2. Combine

     - problem: selecting all parts inside low assembly

3. Saving Lower assembly as part and using Combine/Mold or similar

     - problem: keeping the converted part connected to original assembly (driven)


So the problems I am working with are the following:

1. How to create a copy of an assembly as a part, and keep it driven by original assembly

2. How to select all parts (including pattern) when using convert to sketch, or subtract/combine etc.. features.

3. Alternative solutions to the ones I tried if no solution to 1 or 2


Thanks for any answer at all, I would appreciate even a "That's impossible!" answer .