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Multiple instances of same assembly, different sizes.

Question asked by David Town on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Richard K.


Let's say I wanted to made each of the 4 open cabinets a different size.

How would I accomplish this in a way that would be very efficient?


Right now I'm using the configuration publisher, and each cabinet (and it's parts) is equation driven.  So each cabinet has many configurations, sometimes 80-100 at this point, and it's growing quickly, since we do purely custom jobs (no ordering from a catalog here).  It's amazing how many different configs of a simple cabinet you can have.


We use different models to make these different sizes, cabinetA, cabinetB, cabinetC, cabinetD.  And each of those cabinets have their own unique parts, bottomA, bottomB, shelfA, shelfB etc....since you can't have the same equation driven part be different sizes in the same assembly.


To compound this, there are multuple drafters/engineers accessing these models via the PDM.  So running in to cabinets that are already checked out is a common problem.


Is there a way to simply drag in an assembly and have it be it's own unique assembly, saved to it's own unique folder?  So when I add the same type of cabinet in the next room, size it to what it needs to be, it doesn't affect the other assemblies?