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    subscription fees

    Govindarajan Sakthivel

      hi all


      iam just confused regarding subscription fees


      we got 1 preimum licence for solidworks and 1 flow simulation licence


      subscription fees for these two is nearly around $7+k per year


      but flow simulation is just addon to the standard software why it is dearer to normal subsription price


      can somebody explain why??????????




      thanks in advance

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          Jeff Holliday

          I would suggest asking the SW Reseller (VAR) from whom you purchased the software. It does seem excessive, but it would be interesting to hear their explanation. Also, were you quoted those prices up-front?


          Many years ago it was much simpler to choose a package - there was SW, SW Office, SW OfficePro, SW Premium. I know there are more capabilities available now, but the choices can be a bit confusing - Pro, Premium, Simulation, Simulation Pro, Plastics, Plastics Pro, etc.

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            Jerry Steiger



            The Simulation software has historically been more expensive than SolidWorks. SolidWorks was a mid-range CAD program. Cosmos was a mid-range FEA program, but cost considerably more than SolidWorks. I assume the same was true for the flow simulation, since CFD was usually more expensive than FEA.


            Jerry S.