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Crash in Flow Simulation with FirePro W5000

Question asked by Matthew Paone on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by Matthew Paone

Hi all,


I'm wondering if anyone has seen the following problem before. I'm running SolidWorks 2012, SP 3.0, with Flow Simulation.


I create a new part, which is a simple box-section channel.

Save part.

Create new Flow Simulation Project.

Save part.



However, if I go to Options -> System Options -> Performance then check Use Software OpenGL, the problem appears to disappear.


I have a custom hardware setup:


i7-4770k, overclocked to 4.5 GHz.

Corsair H100i water cooler

ASUS Maximus Gene VI MB

Samsung 850 Pro Series 256GB SSD

32GB (4x 8GB) G.SKILL TridentX F3-2400C10D-16GTX

AMD FirePro W5000


Has anyone seen this before?