Bryan Obermeyer

Forming tools and design libraries

Discussion created by Bryan Obermeyer on Dec 7, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2006 by Tony Cantrell
I've just recently started using sheet metal and have been looking at the design library to create forming tools (alot of what we do is repetitive sheet metal features; bridges, bayonets and tabs, of differing dimensions....).
In looking at the design library, it's awesome the way the features drag and drop into a part but they come in as a single feature. Is there anyway to create theses forming tools as basic "starting point" tools that can be drag and drop and then modified to create the feature I want?

I also looked at the file location of the forming tools (they are local, not networked)
As mentioned earlier, parts can be checked in but the forming tool comes as a single feature.
If I network the tool the resulting feature will change if the tool is changed, correct?