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Flat pattern not showing in View Pallette as an option for putting on drawing?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Oct 17, 2013
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Hi All,

Quick question regarding sheet metal flat patterns.  I modeled a very simple rolled cylinder with a top lid for example for posting.  If I leave the lid off and just keep the basic cylinder in the model, when I go to put the thing on a drawing, in the view pallette I can pick "flat pattern" as an option.  Then if I put a top lid on the cylinder and do the same thing in the drawing, the flat pattern view is no longer there.  For modeling the cylinder, I know there are many different ways.  All I did was just draw a circle and split the line to make a 1/32" gap, then extrude it using the thin feature to create the wall thickness.  I think this way is ok but the option for putting the flat pattern on the drawing no longer is there once an "unmerged" top lid is put on.  I am using "insert bends" and picking on one of the edges at the seam on the cylinder and I can flatten it in the model itself so I must be doing some wrong that its not showing the flat in the view pallette.  Any advice?  Thanks.