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mates not working in assy, 2013

Question asked by Joe Perushek on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Joe Perushek

Hi -


Just upgraded to 2013, SP4 (got new computer).  I have an assembly that I'm trying to get to mate correctly.  I two components, front view and side views are coincident, I want the top view to be .75" off of a specific face.  when I try to create the mate, it automatically defaults to a coincident mate, and moves the component accordingly.  I then change the mate to a distance, add the .75" requirement and click ok.  The mate updates as a distance mate, but the components in the assembly remain coincident.  Rebuilding, restarting, flipping the distance direction did not fix the problem.


Has anyone else seen this or have suggestions how to fix?  Thanks!