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    Calculating chip thermal resistance

    Alessandro Tornincasa


      suppose I have the chip in the picture:




      I've run a simulation with SolidWorks Flow Simulation where I have these bounday conditions in an external analysis:

      - materials of the chip and small PCB

      - heat power of the chip component

      - radiation active and radiative surfaces defined


      The chip is considered "hanging in the air" and air surrounds it, therefore it loses heat by air convection and radiation.


      SolidWorks Flow simulation can give me temperature distribution in the chip assembly, and in the air.


      I need to supply chip thermal resistance, how should I calculate it ?


      By making an an analogy with electrical current it should be something like:


      Thermal resistance = Temperature Delta T between lower surface and upper surface/ Total Heat Flux going through the part


      Would this be correct ?