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    Cooling a heat source with a fan

    Radik Sounougatov


      I am trying to simulate a forced convection situation where I have a strap that emits 1000 watts inside of an encloser. I have two 260 cfm fans cooling it and i need to know what is the temperature of that strap. The problem is, it seems no matter on the volume flow rate of the fans, the temperature of the strap does not change... i have a feeling that the program is ignoring the forced convection and takes in only natural convection (air at 20C). How do I fix this?

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          Jared Conway

          have you looked at a cutplot to see if flow is going over it? forced convection if there is fluid flow is automatically included.


          the other check is have you checked that your fan is putting out the flow rate you're expecting? are the flow velocites what you expect?


          have you setup a real simple test like an enclosure with a fan and a box making heat to make sure that one works before going to your full model?